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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Scotch-Brite™, 5.5 designers designed the 'sponge house'.
A set of five sponges, each one acts as a pictogram, identifying what the individual sponges should be used for.

A fluorescent green one for the sink, a turquoise blue one for the bathtub, a fuschia colored one for the washroom,
an orange one for dishes, and a traditional green and yellow one for pots and pans.

The five sponges fit snuggly into a large house-shaped sponge, depicting their use within the home

Traditional green and yellow Scotch-Brite™ sponge for pots and pans

A sponge in the shape of a bathtub

Fuschia colored sponge meant for cleaning the bathroom

Shaped like a place setting, this orange sponge depicts its use for cleaning dishes

A fluorescent green umbrella shaped sponge used for cleaning the sink

5.5 designers unconventional packaging for the sponges