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A war began and ended in China Sunday, staining the streets crimson red. But the thick red liquid that flowed throughout Wanjiang Township wasn't blood, it was tomato juice.

Inspired by the Tomatina Festival held annually in Bunol, Spain, the Chinese held an imitation of the famous tomato fight using about 15 tons of tomatoes.
That's a lot of tomatoes that could've been used for tomato soup, a tasty marinara sauce or even sandwiched between some fresh mozzarella and drenched in balsamic vinegar. Mmmm. Tomatoes.
Still, I've been reassured that the tomatoes used were over-ripe, and really good for nothing else but throwing. But you have to wonder, does getting pelted with a tomato hurt? It sure looks like it.
In the picture above the man doesn't look so happy, in fact he appears to be wincing. He's not the only one that seems to be in pain