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A convertible sport bike?It's like having the best of both worlds!
Introducing Rocketshields! The first detachable hardtop canopy/windshield designed and custom fit for the sport bike class.Rocketshields is a patent-pending lightweight fairing attachment that utilizes existing fastening points already installed on the bike straight from the manufacturer. This means NO BRACKETS OR EXTRA HOLES NEEDED!
The canopy you see depicted here has been custom fitted to my 2006 Kawasaki ZX-10R.
What originally started as a remedy to keep the rain off of my face while commuting daily from Ensenada, Mexico to San Diego, has now evolved into a whole new riding experience with results that have far surpassed any of my previous expectations.
The most frequent question I'm asked by people analyzing this never seen before spectacle on wheels is, "What's that for?"After riding with this canopy on for over a month now in all different types of weather and road conditions, I can finally wrap up all of my answers into one word....."Comfort".
With my Rocketshields canopy, I no longer have to wear a full face helmet that squishes my fat cheeks, fogs up when its too cold or too hot, impairs my peripheral vision and hearing, and makes my head smell like a sweaty sock. I now sport a skateboard style motorcycle skid lid without having to wear sunglasses or goggles. Even at high speeds, the turbulence felt and heard is equal to that of driving a car with both windows rolled down.
The back draft created in the cockpit area circulates engine heat creating a warmer riding temperature for me on those misty, cold Baja California nights. While in contrast, the canopy offers shade and deflects oncoming blasts of heat while riding up through Tecate in the middle of a 100 degree summer day.
I can still lay down on my tank and tilt my head all the way back, looking through the top of my eyes if want to. But there's no need to when I can ride in a natural sit-up position whether I'm at a dead stop or going a 150 MPH!(top speedometer reading to date)...I think it'll go faster!
The windshield is wide enough to deflect oncoming elements yet slim enough to maintain 100% mirror visibility. Measuring only 30" from mirror tip to mirror tip, this bike can slice through traffic jams while maintaining a tall profile making it easier for others on the road to see. And trust me, I know they see me because everybody keeps staring.
Feathered wind channels, that taper back down to the spine, provide stability and control by balancing oncoming wind at high speeds and preventing the canopy from wobbling. The curvature and bends add more strength to the canopy at all stress points allowing the use of thinner materials to build it. Thinner is lighter...lighter is faster! The miniature wings that flare out the sides catch water run off and deflect it away from the cockpit area.
Aside from all of the benefits a Rocketshields canopy has to offer while commuting or just running down to the wherever, the greatest feature is the simplicity of how it's attached. I'm only 5 minutes away from turning this comfort commuter into a 180 MPH maniac machine!
I simply remove the 4 nuts that fasten my front mirrors down to the fairing frame and pull the mirrors off. The nose of the canopy has been lined on the underside with felt cloth which protects the plastic fairing from being scratched.

The next step is too easy! The underside of the tail canopy has a bracket built into it identical to the rear seat or race cowl. It's latched and locked into position. I simply use the key to unlock, lift up, and slide forward the tail until it completely comes out. The canopy is off!
Once the canopy is removed, I fasten down my mirrors again, pop in the rear seat or race cowl, and I'm ready to rip! There is absolutely no evidence left on the bike that suggests there was ever a Rocketshields canopy on it.
You're witnessing the dawn of a new era for solo commuting. With rising gas prices, 40 mpg is nice. With the increasing number of automobiles creating traffic jams on city and highway roads during all hours of the day, motorcycles, in general, are not affected by it. Because we can legally split lanes and ride in carpool lanes, we come in 1st place wherever we go. I save myself anywhere from 1 to 2 hours of waiting time just at the Tijuana border crossing when entering the U.S. With the added addition of a canopy/windshield I now can ride more comfortably in adverse weather conditions. Motorcycle season, for me, has been extended! Wouldn't it be nice to have less automobiles on our roadways for more than just the spring and summer seasons? Tired of driving in circles fighting for parking spaces? Not a problem for motorcycles!
If you've made it this far down the page, you might be wondering if the Rocketshields canopy is even for sale. Currently, I'm fabricating an identical mold for the Kawasaki that can be used in a large capacity vacuum forming machine. This type of manufacturing will allow me to produce a large number of canopies out of clear polycarbonate plastic faster and cheaper compared to building them out of fiberglass, installing a polycarbonate windshield, and painting them. With a one piece clear canopy, I can easily mask off a windshield pattern of any design and paint the rest from the underside resulting in a glossy finish on the outside which requires no finish sanding or buffing. Aside from cost and appearance advantages, a one piece canopy will be even lighter in weight and stronger than it already is. Once this process has been perfected, I'm going to choose only one dealership in the United States to resale canopies on the retail market at their own discretion. This means that any brand new manufactured Rocketshields canopy for all years, makes, and models will only be purchased from the one selected dealership for the length of the contract agreed upon. You won't even be able to buy them from me. The selected United States dealership is going to monopolize their market possessing the only sport bike canopy made in the world and profit tremendously off of the free advertisement their business will gain by means of internet, word of mouth, and all of the publicity this canopy is going to receive. People are becoming blind to billboards, media, and junk mail because there's just too much of it out there. Yet billions of dollars are spent every year trying to get people to see a business logo.Pull into any public parking lot with a canopy attached to a sport bike and everybody looks. The curiosity that drives all of us to know what everything is will eventually create a common familiarity with sport bike canopies and the name Rocketshields. And every time the name Rocketshields is mentioned, your business could be the only one mentioned with it as well. Interested dealerships need to contact me soon before you miss out on this opportunity!