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A trip to The Linux Café today and stumbled upon an event for Microsoft’s Windows Home Server. To my surprise there was a table full of what appeared to be Windows Home Server coffee! I had to have it. After I got the Windows coffee home, upon closer inspection I realized that Microsoft’s people simply wrapped cans of Boss coffee in their product logo. Still, it’s kind of nice to dream that one day you might be able to visit a place called the Linux Café and drink real Windows coffee. A geek can dream.

Microsoft Employees Drink Vista Kool-Aid, Er, Soda
A local newspaper reporter spotted cans of LEMON LIME WINDOWS VISTA in a Microsoft employee free-drinks fridge. Cans of Talking Rain sparkling water have been modified to internally promote the Windows Vista web site in an apparent effort to get random employees to eat the Vista dog food and drink the Microsoft Kool-aid (download and try the Windows Vista beta).