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Like an inhabitable billboard, the Single Hauz – by Poland's front architects – proposes cantilevering domestic living space from a central mast. The house can then be installed above a variety of ground conditions, from the middle of a meadow to an urban core. Personally... I'd put it in a lake.

The cool thing is that I've actually spent the last 11 months of my life staring up at some of the Herculean billboard structures out here in Los Angeles; they tower over intersections on streets from Venice to Sepulveda and often seem as large as houses. But how much weight could a billboard carry?

Could you build a house up there? Could you use the mast-and-cantilever model for other types of architectural structures, whether those are single-family houses – whole cul-de-sacs lined with modernist billboard homes! – or even restaurants and public libraries? The Single Hauz shows how beautiful the effect could be.

For more projects by front architects, check out their website (though I couldn't find any information in English).(With huge thanks to a commenter named munditia, who first pointed out this project to me).

[Image: The Single Hauz by front architects].